Consumer Cases

Jerman v. Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer & Ulrich
, 538 F.3d 469 (6th Cir. 2008), rev’d and remanded, 559 U.S. 573 (2010) (A legal error cannot be a bona fide error under the FDCPA. Ignorance of the law is no excuse whether it is in the criminal or civil context).

Kistner v. Law Offices of Michael P. Margelefsy, LLC, 518 F.3d 433 (6th Cir. 2008) (Attorney was individually liable for violations of FDCPA because he was a debt collector, without requirement of piecing the corporate veil of LLC)

Mutschelknaus v. Zeglen, 2008 WL 8248530 (N.D. Ohio 2019) (attorney was a debt collector under the FDCPA).

Davis v. Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, LLC, 585 F.Supp.2d 968 (N.D. Ohio 2008) (establishes standard for actual damages including non-economic damages under FDCPA).

Midkiff v. Adams County Regional Water District, 409 F.3d 758 (6th Cir. 2005) (Due process, Equal Credit Opportunity Act and CSPA action against a public water district who terminates water service for tenants without notice or opportunity to be heard).

Smith v. Transworld Systems, Inc., 953 F.2d 1025 (6th Cir. 1992) (First FDCPA case reported in the Sixth Circuit — adopted least sophisticated consumer standard).

Vach v. Yaple, 2008 WL 4017249 (N.D. Ohio 2009) (debt collector was subject to personal jurisdiction in the Northern District of Ohio)

Mason v. Asset Acceptance, LLC, 2007 WL 2112347 (S. D. Ohio 2007)

Keefer v. Wiles, Boyle, Burkholder & Bringardner, Co., L.P.A., 2008 WL 4404295 (S.D. Ohio 2008) (FDCPA case against law firm for attempting to attach property that was exempt or not owned by consumer).

Equal Justice Foundation v. Deutsche Bank, 412 F.Supp.2d 790 (S.D. Ohio 2005) (Fraud and letters of credit).

Baldwin v. Douglass & Associates, Co., L.P.A., 2006 WL 3518518 (N.D. Ohio 2006) (FDCPA and CSPA).

Blevins v. Hudson & Keyes, Inc., 395 F.Supp. 655 (S.D.Ohio 2004) (FDCPA).

Edwards v. McCormick, 136 F.Supp.2d 795 (S.D. Ohio 2001) (FDCPA and CSPA).

Shorts v. Palmer, 155 F.R.D. 172 (S.D. Ohio 1994) (FDCPA).

Sampson v. Bancheck, Clearinghouse Review No. 75943 (N.D. Ohio 1991) (FDCPA).

The Central Trust Company of Northeastern Ohio v. Snair, 1982 WL 5437 (Ohio App. 5th Dist. 1982) (Repossession).

Cross v. Superior Mobile Homes, Inc., 5 CCH Pov. Law Rep. § 27,294 (Ohio App. 7th Dist. 1979) (Truth in Lending Act).