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“Icove departs after 28 years as longest serving South Euclid Councilman” Jewish News 1-1-18 (Link)

“South Euclid celebrates the career of its longest-service councilman, Ed Icove” Sun Messenger 12-29-17 (Link)

“South Euclid Councilman Ed Icove to receive award for consumer protection” Sun Messenger 10-12-10 (Link)

“South Euclid lawyer Ed Icove takes case successfully to the Supreme Court” Sun Messenger 07-03-10 (Link)

“Englewood sets 6 p.m. curfew on door-to-door solicitors” 04-14-2010 (Link)

“Fair Debt Collection Practices Act forbids collectors from hounding you for a debt that’s not yours” 03-09-10 Plain Dealer (Link)

“Ohio debt collection question goes to U.S. Supreme Court” 01-12-2010 (Link)

“Layaways can be risky for Ohio residents” Plain Dealer 10-24-2009 (Link)

“NO-KNOCK LISTS Cities try to limit who’s at the door” Columbus Dispatch 10-10-2009 (Link)

“Venue charges disabled man for cancelled plasma TV order; credit card company issues refund.” Plain Dealer 07-18-2009 (Link)

“Battling Debt Collectors” 03-09-2009 (MP3 audio)

“Do not ignore letters from debt collectors” Plain Dealer 02-01-2009 (Link)

“What to do when a debt collector calls” Plain Dealer 01-29-2009 (Link)

“Cuyahoga County Bar Association” 07-2007 (pdf)

“Poetic Justice” 07-2007 (pdf)

“Too quick to close files” Plain Dealer 07-06-2006 (pdf)

“Controversial flats firm gets O.K. to seal records” Plain Dealer 06-29-2006 (pdf)

“Bar Unification Promotes Diversity” CMBA Journal 5-08 (pdf)

“Spotlight shines on Edward Icove” United Way 3-6-09 (pdf)

“Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Journal” 05-2008 (pdf)

“Know your rights when a collector calls” Plain Dealer 09-03-2006 (pdf)